Schiphol Travel International is an exclusive business travel organization that specializes in providing professional services to medium and large multinational companies.

Schiphol Travel sets the standard for unique and exclusive business travel products for the Dutch market. To provide the best professional services for its business clients, the company has organized its company processes to provide optimum response to their needs and wishes.

The result is an operational process that is perfectly attuned to the clients’ key requirements. At the operational level, the principal requirement is a broadening of the concept of personalized services and flexibility. At the financial level, the principal requirement is a more competitive purchasing model, which requires a significant level of knowledge and experience. Overtime, the Schiphol Travel Account Manager acts increasingly as a purchaser on behalf of the client company.   

The Schiphol Travel service “concept” consists of optimum compliance with these client requirements to ensure that its service offering is unique, from both operational and financial perspectives. Schiphol Travel refers to this product as “First Class Service.”
Schiphol Travel has branches in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. For the past three years, the company has been one of the fastest-growing business travel companies on the Dutch market.

In 2006, Schiphol Travel was one of the highfliers identified by the Financieel Dagblad newspaper. In addition, Ernst & Young and the Nyenrode Business University nominated Schiphol Travel as “Company of the Year” in 2006.