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Your Corporate Travel Program completely Online on the most advanced Travel Hubs in the market. Arrange your complete Travel Program Online, Book Online with access to the Travel Hub, Apps, Reporting, Tracking and Invoicing. If needed we arrange a full link with your internal systems or a full single sign on construction. All Travelers and or assistants can book quick and easy Online or in the App in all languages needed. Travelers and assistants book quick and easy and you will get full insight in the development of bookings, live traveler-trackings on Google maps, approval processes and your own I-Reporting Center with easy dashboards and movies on the latest spend developments, savings and missed savings developments within your company.

Schiphol Online, the first true Online Travel Hub in the market to consolidate content from the GDS, NDC, Direct Connects, Low Cost and all hotelcontent in one easy Global Travel Hub. The Online system can be connected to your internal systems upon your corporate wishes for a fully automated process of travel request, approval and invoicing. Welcome in 2020, welcome in the Online world of Schiphol Online.

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Login Schiphol Online

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