Blacklist EU

Legal Notice

The civil aviation authorities of Member States of the European Community are only able to inspect aircraft owned by airlines that operate flights to and from Community airports. In view of the random nature of such inspections, it is not possible to check all aircraft that land at every Community airport. The fact that an airline is not included in the Community list does not, therefore, automatically mean that it meets the applicable safety standards. Where an airline that is currently included in the Community list deems itself to be in conformity with the necessary technical elements and requirements prescribed by the applicable international safety standards, it may request the Commission to commence the procedure for it to be removed from the list. Every effort has been made to verify the exact identity of all airlines included on the Community list, primarily by including the specific (and unique) letter codes assigned to each airline by the ICAO, the country of certification and the air operator certificate (or operating licence) number. Nonetheless, absolute verification has not been possible in all cases owing to a total lack of information about some airlines that may be operating on the border of, or altogether outside, the recognised international aviation system. It is therefore possible that there might be companies operating in good faith under the same trading name as an airline included on the Community list.


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