Airline Tickets

Schiphol Travel can reserve any type of airline ticket for your company, from regular fixed route tickets to tickets offered by budget airlines.

Schiphol Travel is a specialist airline ticket purchaser.  We can help your company secure bilateral discount agreements (discount arrangements agreed to between the airline and your company), and advise you on the discount options for frequent flyers (route agreements).

Your Schiphol Travel Account Manager will present you with the best travel alternatives during the reservation process. The prices offered include any additional taxes and surcharges.

The rates are not only determined by the price of the ticket, but also by the Account Manager’s level of experience and training, and the time spent on the task.  Securing the best price is a creative process that is different each time. At times, thousands of Euros can be saved by combining your journey with other journeys or by commenicing fare calculations abroad. This service is referred to as “Smart Ticketing.”

Schiphol Travel employees very experienced Account Managers, with a minimum of five years of experience selling business travel.  All of the Account Managers work on a full-time basis. The Schiphol Travel Account Managers have also been trained to at least FAT 2 (Advanced) level.

Your company is assigned a permanent Account Manager who is responsible for all the processes.  This not only guarantees you the best service, but also ensures that you will be offered the most competitive prices!