Schiphol Travel can book a wide range of hotels in any country in the world. We do so using our own system, which makes the reservations directly in the hotel’s systems. Schiphol Travel has special price agreements with nearly all the world’s leading hotel chains.

In addition to the special agreements that Schiphol Travel has made with various hotels and hotel chains, you can also ask us to assist with bilateral agreements (i.e. agreements between your company and a hotel (chain) based on frequency and/or volume. Schiphol Travel negotiates directly with hotels on behalf of a wide range of companies and therefore has an excellent insight into the options that are open to your company.

The special rates applied by Schiphol Travel, and the rates that your company agrees directly with the hotel, are stored in our systems. This allows us to select the best price during the booking process. As a result, you can always be certain that you have paid the most competitive price available.