VIP Parking Service

Schiphol Travel can offer a variety of parking services at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. If you and your employees are frequent travellers and need your own exclusive parking space at Schiphol Centrum, Schiphol Travel can make the necessary arrangements. You will then be issued with a pass the size of a credit card that allows you unrestricted access to the car parks. This service costs EUR 2,500 per card.

If you require a more extended service, you may be interested in the high-speed VIP Valet Parking service, which Schiphol Travel can arrange without any reservation costs being incurred.

A VIP Valet Parking reservation gives you access to a special lane in front of the airport’s departure hall that is closed off to other traffic. Once you have parked your car you hand in your keys at the VIP Valet Parking desk, which is located next to the Holland Handling desk in the main departure hall. The VIP Valet Parking staff will then park your car in a specially closed-off area. When you return, your car will be ready and waiting for you. All you have to do is collect the keys from the same desk and continue your journey comfortably without any unnecessary delays.

The costs for using VIP Valet Parking are scarcely higher than those charged for ‘standard’ parking at P1. Schiphol Travel can make the necessary arrangements at no extra charge.

VIP Valet Parking Schiphol
Day 1 to 3 € 39.50 per day
Beyond that € 29,50 per day
Subscriptions: 10% discount on standard amount