Professional Travel Management

Professional Travel Management is characterised by a balanced and clear travel policy with maximum yields being realised from the expected volumes. The designated Schiphol Travel Account Manager will regularly visit your company and, if you wish, assist with the writing of air travel guidelines (also referred to as the ‘travel policy’) for your various employees who travel by air.

Advanced Purchasing Process

Schiphol Travel only employs Account Managers who have years of experience calculating rates. An experienced Account Manager will be allocated to your company to deal as exclusively as possible with all the travel arrangements that you require. This enables the Account Manager to become acquainted with the travel patterns and special wishes and requirements of the various business travellers within your organisation. This familiarity creates a unique basis for ‘Smart Ticketing’, which entails using special methods to calculate the cost of airline tickets, so that more economical rates can be charged. The Account Manager’s level of experience and training plays a key role in this process. Smart Ticketing involves, for example, extra coupons or calculations that do not start in the Netherlands and therefore produce a much more economical ticket price. The calculation method results in the most economical rate possible, with the principal variables being the time spent on the calculation and the knowledge and experience of the Account Manager who performs the calculation. A huge amount of attention is paid to both aspects at Schiphol Travel in order to guarantee the most economical purchasing possible.

Management Reports

The development of turnover within your company is evaluated and clarified on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis in the form of very user-friendly management reports. The Account Manager also evaluates the report in the executive summary, so that you can follow the principal developments at a glance.

The difference between the rate that we calculate and the normally applicable rate is referred to as a saving.

If the person making the reservation or the passenger chooses a travel alternative that is more expensive than the rate offered, whereas the rate offered qualifies as a valid route within the travel policy, we refer to this as a ‘missed saving’.

There can be various reasons for ‘savings’ and ‘missed savings’, and we have arranged these reasons into a number of categories.


The Account Manager will be active in informing you about the possibilities for direct contracts with suppliers. In such instances, he or she will visit you to explain the contract structure and point out the discount options.

Uniform Data Consolidation

If your company purchases travel products at a global level, it is important that the travel data from the various countries is consistent and processed centrally. As far as global purchasing is concerned, it is important that the turnover figures from all the countries are processed to form a central database, which then serves as a basis for your purchasing. Schiphol Travel cooperates with PRISM to ensure that this database contains the travel data from every country and every airline company and supplier.

Another possibility for consolidating global data is to opt at the global level for uniform payment for all products purchased. Various credit card companies such as Airplus and American Express have already chosen to use a universal platform for this purpose. The platform is referred to as UATP (Universal Air Travel Plan), which can be used to process not only financial data, but also all kinds of company-related information such as cost centres, departments, savings, etc. per transaction. The credit card company can provide you (usually online) with access to a module in which you can monitor all payments per country and per department.

If your organisation wishes to work with a so-called Global Expense Programme in which the credit card expenses per person are linked to the financial records, Schiphol Travel can help you to enrich your financial data using the ‘line-item level 3 upload’ method.

Expense Management

Schiphol Travel specialises in organising, developing and implementing all kinds of processes related to the organisation of business travel. Professional Travel Management is characterised by the fact that the processes that are installed are measurable and above all manageable. Sound management reporting plays an important role in this process. Schiphol Travel is also a specialist in cost centre reporting, in which crucial information, such as employee expenditure and missed savings, is passed on in a very user-friendly manner to the people within the organisation who really need this information.

Schiphol Travel can assist your organisation’s Travel Manager with any Travel Management processes. It can also assist your organisation with regard to financial and accounting solutions that help to keep your travel budget and expenditure under control.

Schiphol Travel can help your company control expenditure in an efficient and professional manner. It can also assist your company with the installation of ‘Management Expense Systems’.

Schiphol Travel has invested heavily in the required standardised data formats for these systems. It can help your organisation with the processes that are involved in the installation of Management Expense systems such as Concur and, if you wish, with the entire process of fully computerising the application, authorisation, invoicing and accounting procedures.