Business Class

JAL Executive Class takes business class flights to new heights of comfort. Enjoy a luxurious atmosphere that changes with the seasons, including cabin décor and freshly prepared meals. And their new ergonomic Skyluxe seats, equipped with easy-to-reach controls, allow for the ultimate in relaxation and convenience. Surround yourself with a world of the utmost in luxury travel - roominess, comfort and flexibility. Comfort in the air is largely due to a comfortable seat. The quality of seating determines the degree of passenger relaxation. The size of JAL Skyluxe Seat is also a relative factor, as it is created for individual comfort and is ergonomically designed.

Whether you're tall or short, the new ultra-comfortable headrest not only conforms to the height you want, it also moves forward or back. Even the side cushions can be positioned to ensure the most comfortable head angle support, and there's a new 6.4-Inch LCD TV. Enjoy a greater variety of entertainment options by choosing from among 10 channels and 8 different programs.

The Skyluxe Seat reclines far enough to let you lie back comfortably, and its wide pitch lets you stretch your legs out. Adjustable air cushioning is built into each seat. This one-touch control button lets you fine-tune your seating angle for the best possible back support. The ergonomically designed center console is as attractive as it is functional. Your cocktail tray pulls out at a single touch, and your personal LCD TV is built in. Light switches and call buttons are easy to find since they are conveniently located at the top of the console.

First Class