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Thank you for your visit and thank you for booking your trip online!

Schiphol Travel International has allocated a team of three Account Managers to help us out with all sorts of travel related issues. Feel free to contact them. They are able to hold options for you and make smart ticketing combinations, which saves us large sums of money.

Be aware that after reservation you are obliged to go through an online validation and approval procedure. Find the appropriate form at the left side of this site. Initially travel application need to be validated based on reasoning and cost. After this it needs to be approved.

Staples has implemented a new procedure to settle all Travel related payments on the individual Corporate Staples Mastercard (Issued by JP Morgan to eligible Staples Associates).



May I please have your attention for the following procedure.
Schiphol Travel has all credit card info in its possession BUT we do still need to receive the security or CVC code on every booking with a low cost airline. One of our associates will be calling you at that time also sharing details of your booking to ensure it is a Schipholtravel associate.
Hereby our friendly request to provide the security number by phone, and by phone only, when making your reservation, for security purposes!


Designated Staples Team

Schiphol Travel International
Schipholboulevard 235
1118 BH Schiphol
The Netherlands


Netherlands Hans Pettinga +31 (0)20 4055286
Belgium Angela Verweij +31 (0)20 4055883
Denmark Angela Verweij +31 (0)20 4055883
Finland Hans Pettinga +31 (0)20 4055286
France Brenda Boers +31 (0)20 8202975
Germany Angela Verweij +31 (0)20 4055883
Norway Angela Verweij +31 (0)20 4055883
Poland Hans Pettinga +31 (0)20 4055286
Portugal Hans Pettinga +31 (0)20 4055286
Sweden Angela Verweij +31 (0)20 4055883
UK Hans Pettinga +31 (0)20 4055286