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Integration with your financial administration

We provide a completely digitized end-to-end travel process; from application to approval, booking, invoicing, and adding data to financial records.

Innovative customized IT solutions

Schiphol Travel offers innovative IT solutions for all necessary communication with your employees and travelers. Our IT experts will take note of your wishes and link the required data to your front office, back office, or mobile systems.

Integration with financial administration

We can link expenses to your financial administration, so they will be automatically applied to the correct ledger accounts and coded as necessary. Linking the two systems creates a closed request, booking, approval, and invoicing process. We usually invoice once a month, but we are happy to adjust the frequency of this to align with your organization’s needs.

Optional collective invoice per business unit

We can invoice per business unit, depending on your needs, and offer a tailor-made solution. Our standard process is entirely online, using Dropbox.

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