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Apply for a visa

The moment you disclose your travel plans to us, your Account Manager will advise you of any visa requirements. In order to make arranging a visa as simple as possible for you and to make the application procedure as efficient as possible, we are happy to take as much work off your hands as possible. We will send you the visa application form and arrange a personal courier to collect the form.

The visa application procedure is then arranged by our partner CIBT / Embassy Services. The specialized employees of CIBT and Embassy Services are familiar with the staff of the various embassies and know the procedures. They will ensure that your visa is issued as soon as possible. If the visa has been issued, it will be delivered to your company by courier. It is also possible that we receive the visa for you and put it together with your travel documents in the departure hall at Schiphol.

The visa application procedure Go to the Embassy Services

Blacklist EU

Legal Notice
The civil aviation inspection services of the Member States of the European Community are only able to inspect aircraft of companies operating flights to and from Community airports. Given the arbitrary nature of such inspections, it is impossible to check all aircraft landing at every Community airport. Therefore, the fact that an airline is not on the Community list does not automatically mean that it complies with the applicable safety standards. Where an air carrier currently on the Community list considers that it complies with the necessary technical elements and conditions required by the relevant international safety standards, it may request the Commission to initiate a procedure for de-listing. deleted. Every effort has been made to verify the precise identity of all air carriers on the Community list, in particular by including the specific (and unique) letter codes assigned to each carrier by ICAO, the country where the certificate was issued and the number of the air operator certificate (or operating license). Nevertheless, absolute control has not been possible in all cases, due to a total lack of data on some airlines that may operate on the border or completely outside the border of the recognized international aviation regime. It cannot therefore be ruled out that some airlines operate in good faith under the same trade name as one of the airlines included in the Community list.

Blacklist EU

Baggage rules

Different baggage rules apply to different destinations.

Overview Baggage rules Baggage rules

Air Passenger Rights

To ensure that air passengers are treated properly, the European Union grants a number of rights to travelers. Schiphol Travel explains below your rights as a passenger, and what you can do if you are faced with a problem regarding denied boarding, cancellations, delays, baggage and injuries or death.

Air Passenger Rights

Travel Deals

The purpose of this Travel Offer Code is to prevent misleading advertisements on the Dutch market for the benefit of the consumer regarding the price and availability of travel, recreation, transport and accommodation services.

Travel Deals Support

Check in online

You can easily and quickly check in online via the Schiphol Travel app and via the online sites of your airline.

To all check-in pages of airlines Go to ANVR

Departures and Arrivals Schiphol

Here you will find all departures and arrivals from/to Amsterdam Schiphol

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Flight Tracking

You will find live air traffic movements on

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Here you will find the form for the traveler profile

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