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CrewHub is a professional tool designed for major international shipping companies.

CrewHub is a professional tool designed for major international shipping companies. The various available crew management systems in the market have internal links, for example with HR systems, leave administration or financial administrations, and thus form an administrative ecosystem for the management of crews on board the various ships.

Some of these systems can automatically export crew data to the travel agent who then makes the bookings. After the bookings have been made, they must be entered manually in the crew management system. For each crew management system, links must be made with each of the travel agent’s reservation systems.

With CrewHub we have succeeded in developing a central system that establishes all connections between the various crew management systems and the various reservation systems, whether it concerns a GDS, an NDC, a Lowcost or a hotel reservation system. The data is exported from the crew management system, reserved and automatically back-synchronized with the crew management system, convenient, fast, efficient and error-free.

CrewHub is fully linked to Schiphol Travel’s central electronic profile management system, which means that WhatssApp push messages can be sent with E tickets and schedules to all crew members.

It goes without saying everything takes place under the control and supervision of the relevant Account Manager of Schiphol Travel.

With CrewHub you get the connections and management of your crew and always a real-time overview of all mobilizations and demobilizations.

With full synchronization, the booking staff can be reduced by 50%. With CrewHub we help your company to make processes more effective and faster. It goes without saying that CrewHub can run in full SSO.

Benefits of the CrewHub:

  • Synchronization of Crew Management to Schiphol Travel Reservation Systems.
  • Synchronization of Schiphol Travel to your Crew Management System.
  • Savings of up to 50% in personnel costs.
  • Faster overview of crews
  • Faster and more effective reporting.
  • Automated sending of electronic tickets to the crew.
  • Easier compliance with travel policy.
  • Clear display of costs of a crew change